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About me

I am twenty six years old mother to three young boys, Jack aged 5, Blake aged 3 and Toby aged 1, oh and not forgetting baby number 4 who is due in March 2012. I am a busy mum and in the last five years I have over come many hurdles with bringing up young boys.

I am now writing this blog to share advice and tips of being a parent, all of my information is from internet resources that you can also find, along with leaflet information you can receive from your, doctors, midwife and health visitor.  A long with the facts and professional information I find, I enjoy getting genuine tips and advice from other parents on the relevant subjects.   Not all the information I find is from UK sources, however I feel that parenting is all the same all over the world.

This site is not a site from Doctors or professionals, I am just a parent who wants to help other parents.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and I try my best to have a positive spin on all my topics, and see everything from all different points of view.

I hope you enjoy my site and lets get chatting, you can also contact me at





I don’t claim to be an expert or a professional, and all content of my blogs is provided for general information only.  I am not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on any of the content of my blogs.  Always consult your own GP, midwife or health visitor if you are in any way concerned about you or your childs health and behaviour.


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