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Baby Changing Bags!

Soon I am going to have four little rascals! Sorry I mean Boys! to chase after.  So I have splashed out and bought myself a new changing bag, my next plan is to decide what I will need everyday and always keep it stocked up with those mummy must haves, so I can have plenty of stress-free trips with my boys.

However my bag wont just be aimed at a newborn, I will also have to be prepared for a 6, 3 and 1 year old too.  The bag I bought has plenty of pockets zipped and open, the one other great gadget it has is a hidden compartment for my changing mat that I didn’t know about until my 3 year old found it 🙂 , and an expansion zip to make more room for those long trips.

Here is a list of what I think are the essentials for a changing bag and also some gadgets that I found along the way, to make a mums life easier.

    1. I suppose the first thing that should be in the bag is…. Nappies, as the last thing you want to be doing is going out with out any of them!  Now you are wondering how many nappies should I be taking with me, for a newborn I would suggest one for every hour you are out.
    2. Baby Wipes are next, they are easier than cotton wool and water when you are on the move. Pampers do a sensitive baby wipe which is just as good as water and cotton wool and wont irritate your babies skin.  Wipes also come in handy with older children as they can get very messy, especially after a chocolate muffin in Costa!
    3. Nappy Sacks, you will need to be well stocked up on these for those smelly nappies.
    4. Folding changing mat, when there are no baby changing rooms around these come very handy and you usually get one FREE when you buy a baby bag.  A wipe down surface is essential for those little accidents.
    5. Cream, this is another essential if your baby suffers from baby rash, boots now do a spray on nappy rash cream which makes the task less messy.

£2.99 Boots

  1. Change of clothes, I wouldn’t leave the house with out a spare change of clothes for a new born as you never know what the day will throw at you.
  2. Muslins, Muslins have loads of uses from catching spills to covering up when you are breastfeeding, I suggest two at least.
  3. Bibs, to protect your babies clothes.
  4. Bottle, if you are bottle feeding it is a good idea to have a sterile bottle and a carton of formula milk which is at room temperature.
  5. Breast pads, if you are breastfeeding pop a stack of these in your bag!
  6. Soothers, if your baby is using a soother you don’t want to leave the house without one! As in my experience a baby screaming the shop down for a soother can be an awkward situation.   Most soothers come in a sterile container, just in case one gets dropped.
  7. Toy, Even small babies like to look and cuddle a toy and I find the best ones are the ones that attach to the buggy or pram then you wont be loosing toys.

Now here are some extras which I use, they are more for my older children than a newborn,

    1. I found these Munchkin snack catchers, perfect to put dried fruit or biscuits in when on the go, and they wont spill, perfect for toddlers.

£9.87 for two, Amazon.

    1. Annabell Karmel cutlary case, this is perfect to store 2 spoons or a fork and spoon. The container is sterile and easy washable.

£2.49, Amazon.

    1. Annabell Karmel stacking pots are also good for snacks on the go, save on buying while out.

£3.49, Amazon.

    1. Clippasafe pram bag clips, these are perfect for hanging your shopping on.
  1. Tum Tum snack pots, also great for keeping snacks in and even better for lunch boxes when they are older.

 £8.50, Amazon.

Hopefully this list will help keep your outings stress-free and organised, enjoy your bundle of joy or joys and have fun!

And before I go here are some bags I found at all price ranges, TK MAX is also a great place to start for bags around £30.00.

Stokke Xplory £99.00, Mothercare.

Comes in different colours.

Cath Kidston £65.00, John Lewis

Obaby Pompom £17.95,

Comes in different colours.

If you enjoyed this blog, please visit and nominate me as a mummy blog writer.

Thank you for all your support this last year 🙂 .


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